All in the Mix: Short Stories

All in the Mix: Short Stories

by Gail Tucker (Author), Agnes Hall (Author)

Featuring the work of Gail Tucker, Agnes Hall, Sheila Skinner, Avner  Kornblum, Vivien  Johnson,  Paul Shearer Walmsley, Jean M. Watson, Colin Hall and Deborah Grant.

All in the Mix

An eclectic mix of short stories by 9 members of The Jalon Valley Writing Group with a shared passion for writing.

From new authors to experienced and published raconteurs, from light tales to dark, from humour to pathos, from prose to poetry, this book took several years to evolve from a stray idea into what is now a full and entertaining book.

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Gaile M Griffin Peers (Other contributor)
Publication Date
April 25, 2016
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