Nature, Politics, and the Arts: Essays on Romantic Culture for Carl Woodring

by Hermione de Almeida (Editor)

This interdisciplinary book honors Columbia professor and New York intellectual Carl Woodring. The depth of these original perspectives on the literature, art, politics, science, and philosophy of transatlantic nineteenth-century culture will foster future conversations.

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Nina Auerbach (Collaborator), John Clubbe (Collaborator), Carl Dawson (Collaborator), William Theodore De Bary (Collaborator), George H. Gilpin (Collaborator), William Carl Gilpin (Collaborator), Jonathan Gross (Collaborator), Regina Hewitt (Collaborator), Steven E. Jones (Collaborator), Marsha Manns (Collaborator), Martin Meisel (Collaborator), Anne K. Mellor (Collaborator), Morton D. Paley (Collaborator), Robert L. Patten (Collaborator), Donald H. Reiman (Collaborator), Ben P. Robertson (Collaborator), Robert M. Ryan (Collaborator), G. Thomas Tanselle (Collaborator), Carol Kyros Walker (Collaborator), Elizabeth Kowaleski Wallace (Collaborator)
Publication date
March 18, 2015
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