Last Texts From Jesus

by Richard Rohr (Author)

Taking its title from one of the pieces included, this is a book of between 30 and 40 poems in which the poet seeks to convey the reality of a Jesus not-gone, or only-just-missed or about-to-arrive, but a God truly with-us: the contemporary Emanuel. The poems have been received variously with laughter, tears and many thanks from big audiences. Provisional contents A brief introduction 30-40 poems (about half of which rhyme), including: The Last Texts of Jesus Living Spits Christ in the Art Gallery Have You Ever Left a Church? The Long-expected Jesus The Blessed Folk of the Way Things Ought To Be The Long Path Down The Puzzle A Song to Annoy You For No-one Shall See Me and Live Twins Fighting After Superman Transport

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Publication Date
May 19, 2016
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