Twisted Clay

by Frank Walford (Author)

Banned for over 30 years — Frank Walford's classic work of horror is available again. "Twisted Clay is a gruesome study of progressive insanity, but the study is obviously subordinate to a desire to excite and horrify." —H.M. Green She loved … and killed … both men and women. She was utterly beautiful and utterly mad. This is a tale of passionate horror … a breath-taking venture into abnormal psychology … a story which cannot be forgotten. "A competently told horror story." —Bruce Catton, NEA SERVICE. "A prose nightmare, tinged with Poe and Baudelaire substance." —?N.Y. MIRROR. "This work will probably be regarded as one of the most notable books of the year. It merits numerous superlatives, such as most peculiar, most gruesome, most forceful." —?Dayton, O., DAILY NEWS "Sensational study of a doomed, abnormal girl in her fight to maintain a warped personality against a world in her torturing journey along the misty and terrifying by-ways of progressive insanity." —?Baltimore, Md., NEWS. "Remarkably persuasive and effective novel." —?Cleveland, O., PRESS. "The logical successor to the best products of the Tiffany Thayor school." —?Durham, N.C., HERALD-SUN.

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May 14, 2014
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