Cat Humor: Cats Are Just Really Big Jerks!: Just Really Big Jerks Series - Volume 2

by Timmie Guzzmann (Author)

Cat lovers will laugh out loud at the jerkiness of their furry friends with these curious & humorous cat poems and rhymes. In this hilarious book of tongue-twisting and rhyming poetry, Timmie watches cats while they think nobody watches them and unlocks the poet in him. Let yourself be wowed and dive into a totally new genre of cat jerkiness because you won't believe how these jerks are acting when they think nobody is watching them... Inside you'll find jerky cat moments like: * Stinky Pink * Fighting Laws Are Not For Jerks * The Mean Latrine * Kitty Litter & Dusty Glitter * Scooping & Pooping * Evil Green Eyes * The Hypnotizing & Traumatizing Cat's Ball Of Fur * Turns Out Jerkier Than You Might Think and lots more... Download "Cats Are Just Really Big Jerks!" right now

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Publication Date
August 29, 2014
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