The Destinies of Darcy Dancer, Gentleman

by J.P. Donleavy (Author)

Racy … Raunchy'- Cleveland Plain Dealer Semi-orphaned, semi-legitimate heir to crumbling Andromeda Park in the lush beauty of the Irish country-side, Darcy Dancer is raised by aging servants, tutored in basic skills by lovelorn Mr. Arlan, in hell-raising by incorrigible Foxy Slattery, and in love by his astutely aristocratic housekeeper, Miss von B. He grows up a complete gentleman only to be rudely cast out of his ancestral home, forced to seek his fortune among berserk fox hunters, destitute noblemen, lusty bohemian ladies, and shameless gamblers- to discover that his destiny, like his birth, rides on the 100-to-1 shot, and the sheer luck of a fast horse galloping against all odds to roistering victory! His future is disastrous, his present indecent, his past divine. He is Darcy Dancer. A 20th Century Barry Lyndon' - Chicago Tribune This fielding unbuttoned by Henry Miller … wenching, boozing, brawling … A delightful romp.' - Los Angeles Times Irresistible … uproarious … scenes leap off the page.' - The New Yorker An Irish Tom Jones.' - Booklist A rollicking mix of adventure, hardship, and coincidence … vivid, extraordinary characters and their boisterous hijinks … amusing, bawdy … entertaining.' - Houston Chronicle

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October 23, 2013
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