Fan-tastic Sporting Stories

by Graham Sharpe (Author)

For some fans, a ringside seat just isn't close enough to the action. Stretching from the benign to the malign, from the entertaining to the insane, and from the sublime to the ridiculous, this compelling compendium contains over 300 true tales of fanatical fans who stole the spotlight from their sporting heroes. This is the good, the bad and the ugly side of spectator intervention - from streakers to rioters, and beyond. We've all felt the thrill of cheering on our sporting heroes, but there's a fine line between the mere fan and the true fanatic and this absorbing new book from Graham Sharpe well and truly crosses it. With its weird and wild tales of fan participation, Fan-tastic Sporting Stories! is essential reading for fans of any and every sport. Whatever your team, whatever your game, you won't help but find this collection absolutely fan-tastic!

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Publication Date
December 04, 2013
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