by Simon Whitehead (Author)

During the last twenty years there has been a dramatic increase in the rabbit population and this development has, in turn, been accompanied by a renaissance in ferreting. The appearance of an up to date, informative and instructional guide to this traditional form of rabbit control is therefore timely, and will be welcomed by those with an interest in country pursuits.Ferreting - An Essential Guide contains all the vital information you require in order to work ferrets successfully to catch rabbits using tried and tested traditional methods. It is based on the author's considerable practical experience, gained over many years, of ferreting both professionally and for sport.Outlines how to acquire, care for, and manage ferrets; examines how to effectively work a team of ferrets; discusses in detail netting, digging and the role of the ferreter's dog; analyses the behaviour and characteristics of rabbits, their feeding habits, and how their warrens are constructed and laid out; considers the essential equipment that is required in order to catch rabbits efficiently; analyses the latest electronic ferret finder sets and how they can be used. Written by an experienced professional ferreter and countryman. Ferreting is experiencing a renaissance, with more ferreters practising their art throughout the country. This up to date, informative and instructional guide will be welcomed by those who already work with ferrets, or who are on the point of taking up ferreting. Brimming with practical advice and tips, it is based on the author's considerable practical experience. Beautifully illustrated with over 124 colour photographs and 9 diagrams. Simon Whitehead is a professional ferreter, author and regular contributor to country sport magazines.

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August 01, 2013
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