Ritual 1969

by Jo Mazelis (Author)

A disquieting everyday world of make-believe as roles and performances are explored in Jo Mazelis’ darkly gothic new collection, Ritual, 1969. What might a little girl be made of? Sugar and spice? And when she grows up? A dressmaker, teacher, flower-maker, actress? Or should she run away to the circus? From the playground to adulthood the path is beset with misunderstandings and missed dates, traps for the unwary and disingenuous dissembling. Not all is what it seems in a world where first impressions may only uncover disguises and false trails - but there’s no going back! A thrilling third collection from the author of Jerwood-award-winning novel Significance and Commonwealth Best First Book Award shortlisted Diving Girls.

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Publication Date
March 15, 2016
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