365 Reasons To Be Cheerful

by Richard Happer (Author)

Its a well-observed fact that human beings (well, men) can be a grumpy old bunch, always choosing to see that infamous metaphorical glass as constantly half empty rather than half full. Wheres the fun in that? 365 Reasons To Be Cheerful is, well, its exactly that. Its a whole years worth of funny and unique events that happened on each and every day a wild, weird and wonderful journey through the year highlighting the moments that changed the world for the better as well as the delightful, irreverant stories that will simply make you smile. 365 Reasons To Be Cheerful is designed specifically to look on the bright side of life every day of the year the perfect pint-sized pick-me-up in these sobering, sombre times.

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October 08, 2013
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