Stop Motion Handbook 3.1

Stop Motion Handbook 3.1

by Craig Lauridsen (Author)

Quite simply the best book in the world for learning how to make stop motion movies on the Mac. Fast track the learning curve to making your own stop motion movies. It's fun, it's crazy, it's addictive. It leads you through simple and robust processes helping both beginner and amateur animators make good decisions when creating stop motion movies. As you learn how to avoid numerous common mistakes, your first movies will have the quality of a more seasoned movie maker. It's a great guide for teachers, parents or children who want to produce their own stop motion movies.

Learn key competencies across a broad range of learning areas:

* Developing a story and writing it into a SCRIPTâ?¨

* Recording the AUDIO of the script (dialogue, sound effects, and music) in GarageBand, and saving it as a soundtrackâ?¨

* Making PROPS and BACKGROUNDS and creating the CHARACTERS to bring your story to lifeâ?¨

* Recording the stop motion PICTURES in iStopMotionâ?¨

* EDITING the stop motion movie. Adding a title and credits in iMovie.

Stop Motion Handbook is an Official iStopMotion Resource for Boinx Software

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February 03, 2016
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