The Handy Psychology Answer Book

by Lisa J. Cohen (Author)
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Bridges the gap between today's entertainment-focused “pop psychology” on television and the dry academic research that is published in journals. A primer on human behavior and psychology.

The Handy Psychology Answer Book helps answer why humans do what we do through accurate scientific data presented in a lively, accessible, and engaging way. It covers the fundamentals and explains the psychology behind how people deal with money, sex, morality, family, children, aging, addiction, work, and other everyday issues. It takes a journey through the history and science of psychology and showing how psychology affects us all.

Fully revised to reflect the latest scientific research—such as the current DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, published by the American Psychiatric Association); the latest neurobiological theories; and the changing face of marriage—this timely reference has expanded to include information sections on the biology and evolution of emotions; technology and adolescence; bisexuality; optimism; autism; as well as a full section on the law, eyewitness testimony and police shootings.

Featuring more than 1,500 answers to questions concerning how the human mind and the science of psychology really work, this fascinating guide delivers the real facts of modern psychology, along with fun factoids and thought-provoking insights into what motivates human behavior. This intriguing exploration provides insights into the current science of the mind by answering questions such as:

  • How have other cultures addressed psychological issues?
  • Why was Freud so focused on sex?
  • How do twin studies help illuminate the role of genetics?
  • How can I maintain a healthy brain?
  • Why do some people hear voices that aren’t really there?
  • Why do children see monsters in the closet at night?
  • How have recent changes in technology affected adolescent development?
  • Why does time seem to speed up as we age?
  • Is it normal to argue during marriage?
  • Does religion make people happier?
  • How do we reduce social prejudice?
  • How has morality changed over the course of history?
  • What are the personality traits of people who succeed in their professions?
  • Why do so many politicians get trapped in scandals?
  • Does genetics play a role in voting behavior?
  • Which therapies are best for which kinds of problems?
  • How might the stress of police work affect decision-making in high stress situations?

    The Handy Psychology Answer Book also includes a helpful glossary of terms, complete reference sources for topics discussed, and an index. With a wide range of information suitable for everyone, this is the ideal source for anyone looking to get a better understanding of psychology. It provides clear answers on the history, basic science and latest research, and psychology behind everyday situations and at different stages in life.

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