Practical Statistics and Experimental Design for Plant and Crop Science

by Alan G. Clewer (Author), David H. Scarisbrick (Author)

Presents readers with a user-friendly, non-technical introductionto statistics and the principles of plant and crop experimentation.Avoiding mathematical jargon, it explains how to plan and design anexperiment, analyse results, interpret computer output and presentfindings. Using specific crop and plant case studies, this guidepresents:
* The reasoning behind each statistical method is explained beforegiving relevant, practical examples
* Step-by-step calculations with examples linked to three computerpackages (MINITAB, GENSTAT and SAS)
* Exercises at the end of many chapters
* Advice on presenting results and report writing
Written by experienced lecturers, this text will be invaluable toundergraduate and postgraduate students studying plant sciences,including plant and crop physiology, biotechnology, plant pathologyand agronomy, plus ecology and environmental science students andthose wanting a refresher or reference book in statistics.

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June 16, 2013
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