Draw and Paint Realistic Horses: Projects in Pencil, Acrylics and Oills

de Jeanne Filler Scott (Autor)

Saddle up for some creative fun!

The pure beauty and spirit of horses makes them a favorite subject for artists. With the friendly instruction in this book, rendering these magnificent animals is both achievable and fun, even for beginners. Step by step, Jeanne Filler Scott shows you how to draw and paint the elegant lines, graceful movements and unique personalities that capture your heart.

  • 12 start-to-finish projects cover a variety of poses and subjects, from stately portraits of race horses to cute foals at play
  • Step-by-step demonstrations show how to depict accurate anatomy, powerful legs, flowing manes, expressive eyes, authentic coat colors and other key elements of realistic likenesses
  • Profiles outline the distinguishing characteristics and proportions of popular breeds and various stages of maturity
  • Rundowns on basic tools and techniques help you get started in pencil, acrylics and oils
From taking reference photos to painting backgrounds, from formal portraits to everyday pasture scenes, this book covers everything you need to turn your love of horses into enjoyable and lifelike art.

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9 de diciembre de 2010
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