Basketball: learnig by coaching

Basketball: learnig by coaching

by Coachelp (Author)
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You can’t claim to know every aspect of basketball when you start as a coach. You have collected some clips here and there: something from the coaches you had, no matter what level you played at. You have seen matches, heard comments discussing with friends. That is your knowledge, we have to begin from that; organizing it, correcting it, deepening it in order to transmit it.

Driving a team is much more than having knowledge about basketball. It means know how to convince, communicate, take responsibilities. If you know the game just in theory you can certainly be a commentator, not the coach. If you don’t learn to build up solid relationships, to understand your players, to handle the crisis, if you don’t face a loss frustration and enthusiasm of a win, you are to far away from your target.

Here we would like to propose a simple method. As you buy a new smart phone you will read the instructions later on, but immediately you turn it on, you start to use apps, choosing ring tones, making calls and surfing the web.

You slowly discover the possibilities and notice functions never imagined before and you want to know more and more. We want to be just like that friend who can provide you with some suggestions as he already has the same smart phone or at least the same operating system.

Everybody uses the smart phone his own way, personalizing it with the favorite cover. Also in the basketball world you will find the best suited road, your way or your philosophy as the big experts would say.

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October 23, 2015
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