Escape Your Weight

by Edward J. Jackowski (Author)

Last year, according to The Institute of Medicine, Americans spent in excess of $33 billion on weight-loss products and services. However, the economic cost of obesity in the USA was about $117 billion during this same time period.

Obviously a dilemma exists. Why? If all we needed to do was take a magic pill, exercise 10 minutes a day, or eliminate carbs from our diet, as so many "Get-Thin-Quick" schemes suggest, then why are so many of us still vastly overweight?

Because such easy schemes do not tell the whole story about what we need to do to get fit and stay fit. And because we're all different. We think differently, we eat differently, and we exercise (or don't) differently. So we need diet and exercise plans designed especially for us. Whether we're 10 pounds overweight or 25 pounds overweight. Whether we like to exercise or whether we loathe exercise. Whether we can stick to a diet six days a week or 3 days a week. Whether we can exercise every day or twice a week. Escape Your Weight gives you a choice of eating plans and exercise plans that fit you, your likes and dislikes, your strengths and your weaknesses.

With expertly photographed exercise plans that are easy even for beginners, along with minimal, inexpensive equipment (no gym required), Escape Your Weight will explain what YOU need to do and what YOU need to eat to become slim and fit.

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September 07, 2015
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