Flip It On Its Ear:  A Radical Approach to Public Speaking

Flip It On Its Ear: A Radical Approach to Public Speaking

de Onlee L Bowden (Auteur)

Flip It on Its Ear and its companion interactive video course are designed to radically alter how we think about ourselves and public speaking. With over thirty years of teaching, writing, and speaking on the topic Onlee brings mastery level understanding to how we learn and use public speaking in our daily lives. Flip It on Its Ear is a complete e-learning experience. Book, course, and scheduled online sessions are now available anywhere you are. You're able to store the book directly on your phone or tablet and refer to it wherever, and whenever you choose. Another interactive component is an eye-brain recognition tool for notes called, The Bowden Speaking Wheel. This means you can actually create a presentation on the go and have it for quick reviews, make changes, or to speak directly from. For custom training and design, clients will be able to schedule one-on-one sessions directly with Onlee. Intended to recalibrate the typical attitude toward public speaking, the goal in Flip It on Its Ear is to reduce fear and replace it with the belief that anyone can speak with more ease and effectiveness. The interactive video course is sold separately.

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16 juin 2015
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